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Online Tax Preparation Services

Digital CPA Services

Why digital?

The use of technology allows for a more collaborative approach where we can communicate more efficiently, share documents securely, and streamline the entire tax preparation process. This means quicker processing times and a lower cost of service for you! 

How does it work?

Communication with clients is achieved through the use of phone, email, and video chat services. Whatever you prefer! Documents are transferred securely through online portals.  Schedule a one on one conversation directly through our website! 

Tax Preparation

Exceptional Service

Up Front Pricing

Fast Results

Walter works hard to get you the best tax outcome you deserve.  He keeps up to date on tax laws so you don't have to!       

Basic Preparation Fee - $150

Basic with Rental Property - $210

Basic with Small Business - $250

The base rates above are for basic tax returns. If your tax situation is more complicated, please expect these rates to increase. Let me know if you have any specific pricing questions.  

You don't want to wait forever to get your tax return results.  Walter is focused on getting your taxes completed in days, not weeks!     

Schedule a meeting         

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