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Walter Dietschweiler


I can't believe it's been over ten years since I started in this profession. While you'd have to agree Walter is a great accountant name, it probably isn't surprising that I didn't always want to be one. I don't even consider myself the stereotypical "numbers guy". What I love most about the profession is working with people like you. I genuinely enjoy helping people and serving as a CPA is one of the ways I've found that I can make an impact and do just that. In a world of complicated tax laws, my goal is to make the tax process as enjoyable as possible, help you understand your tax situation, and give you the best tax outcome as legally possible.  

Outside of the office, I enjoy woodworking, running, and taking my three children on camping trips all over the great state of Wisconsin. 

I'm a Certified Public Accountant and hold bachelor and master's degrees in Accounting from Winona State University and the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.  I look forward to getting to know you!

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